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Sehun & Yixing pepero game + Tao & Kyungsoo’s reactions

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Hey followers ~~

Sooo…. I’m doing a clearout of my room, because I got some new posters and Infinite’s new album and I needed more space. I decided to do a giveaway with some of my EXO stuff, seeing as I’m not as hugely into them as I used to be.


- K Version of XOXO (no photocard)

- K Version of Miracles In December (no photocard)

- Poster from XOXO (folded)

- Poster from Miracles In December (white version)

- EXO Nature Republic folder (pictured)

[EDIT] Added prizes:

- M Version of XOXO (no photocard)

- M Version of Miracles in December (Sehun photocard)

- Four EXO Nature Republic Face Masks

- Four EXO-M Postcards (one with Kris, Lay & Luhan, one with Chen, Luhan & Xiumin, and two group pictures)

- Another version of the XOXO poster (my housemate is giving hers away as well)

I also have a bunch of double sided photocards from, so if you win the giveaway I’ll ask you who your bias is and I’ll give you that photocard YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL (except for Kris… I must keep him)…(seeing as the official photocards I got with the albums, I already gave to friends). The posters have been on walls, there is a small rip at the bottom of the Miracles in December one, but the others are in great condition  >.<





- You have to be following me. BUT I’m not an EXO blog, I’m predominantly an INFINITE blog. So please be aware of that ~~

[EDIT] You don’t have to be following me any more, as I literally do not post any EXO, so it will be pointless for you to follow me ~~

- No giveaway blogs. I’ll be checking.

- Reblog ONCE Like ONCE, you get two entries to the giveaway.

- I will use to choose the winner.

- I will ship internationally.

- You must be over 16 or have your parents permission to enter this giveaway, as I will need your address. HAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU WIN!

- This giveaway ends on 15th 29th September 2014, so you have three whole months in which to enter! I may add more prizes over the summer too, so just keep checking.

More prizes and a change to the rules~~