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Previews (Eng Sub)


XOXO Exo (Eng Sub)

*I don’t know if this is eventually gonna be the shows name, or what kind of show it’s gonna be. All that I heard it that this is gonna be a new reality show, that show us their comeback and their daily live. In the teasers it’s called XOXO, so that’s the name I’m putting here. When’s it’s gonna air I don’t know.

I’ve been checking the links of the video’s in the videolist, and some of them doesn’t work anymore, so I’m changing them or put a download link on it. Also I add some video’s to the videolist. Let me know if there are links that doesn’t work anymore. They all should work now again, I’ve checked them.


Wolf Era Performances

  • 130705 Music Bank Interview

Overdose Era Performances

  • 140415 Exo Comeback Showcase Overdose Perf. (720p)
  • 140415 Exo Comeback Showcase VCR (720p)
  • 140415 Exo Comeback Showcase 좋아좋아 Perf. (720p)
  • 140423 China Music Awards Growl Perf.
  • 140423 China Music Awards Overdose Perf.


  • 140415 The Celebrity Magazine (Suho)
  • 140410 Ivy Club
  • 140410 Dispatch (Lay & Chanyeol)

Behind The Scenes MV/Performances/Etc.

  • 140416 Lotte Duty Free
  • 140221 Law Of The Jungle Unseen Footage
  • 140314 Immortal Song Rehearsal

Put download links on it.

Dance Only

  • Christmas Day Dance Only

Miracles In December Era Performances

  • 131231 MBC Gayo Daejun Like A G6/VCR/Wolf/Growl Perf.

Changed Link


  • Episode 5 Preview (Eng Sub)
  • Episode 6 Preview (Eng Sub)
  • Episode 5 (No Subs)
  • Episode 2 (Eng Sub)

Mama Era Performances

  • 121026 SMTown Tokyo Mama Perf.
  • 120413 Music Bank Debut Stage
  • 120618 KBS Cheongju 67th Anniversary Concert History Perf.
  • 120618 KBS Cheongju 67th Anniversary Concert Mama Perf.
  • 121223 KBS Challenge Of Golden Bell Mama Perf.
  • 121026 SMTown Tokyo Shinee Lucifer & Love Like Oxygen Perf. (Luhan & Sehun)

Wolf Era Performances

  • 130609 Inkigayo Wolf Perf.
  • 130613 MCountdown Wolf Perf.
  • 130616 No.1 Win
  • 130629 Music Core Wolf Perf.
  • 130630 Inkigayo Wolf Perf.
  • 130703 Korea & China Friendship Concert History/Wolf Perf.
  • 130706 Music Core Wolf Perf.
  • 130713 Music Core Wolf Perf.

Growl Era Performances

  • 130811 Inkigayo Growl Perf.
  • 130814 Show Champion Growl Perf.
  • 130817 Music Core Growl Perf.
  • 130818 Inkigayo Growl Perf.
  • 130821 Show Champion Growl Perf.
  • 130822 MCountdown Growl Perf.
  • 130823 Music Bank Growl Perf.
  • 130831 Music Core Growl Perf.
  • 130901 Open Concert Wolf/Growl Perf.
  • 130906 Music Bank Goodbye Stage Growl Perf.
  • 130814 Half Time Korea Vs Peru Football Match Baekhyun Sing The Korean National Anthem

Miracles In December Era Performances

  • 131217 MTV The Show Miracles In December Perf.
  • 131220 Music Bank Christmas Special Growl Perf.
  • 131227 KBS Gayo Daejuns Intro/Growl Remix Perf.
  • 131229 SBS Gayo Daejuns Growl Remix Perf.
  • 140116 23rd Seoul Music Awards Let Out The Beast/Wolf/Growl Perf.
  • 140123 Seoul Music Awards Growl Encore Stage
  • 140126 Spring Festival Wolf/Growl Perf.
  • 140130 CCTV Growl Perf.
  • 131227 KBS Gayo Daejun Super Match Exo Dance Vs Vocal
  • 131229 SBS Gayo Daejun Opening Sleigh Ride Perf.
  • 131229 SBS Gayo Daejun TTS & Exo Crazy In Love Perf.

Behind The Scenes MV/Performances/Etc.

  • 130823 Music Bank Backstage interview

Deleted links (Sorry I can’t find a new link and I don’t have it saved on my pc. If I ever finds it I will put it back in the videolist)

  • 130709 VERY TV ‘XOXO’ Album Jacket Photoshoot (2)


Baekchen’s Story. (From 130628 Newsen Interview “EXO Relationship Talk. Are You Two Close? Those That Joined EXO Last: Chen, Baekhyun.” Or: “How SM Makes Kittenpups Sad With Split Promotions.” And: “Prologue to Clingy Co-dependence.”)

..and now let’s meet our contestants for Mr. World:

Mr. Wu: Galaxy is his style. He enjoys playing basketball and drooling over main dancers.

Mr. Zhang: Hopes for world peace. His hobbies are playing the guitar, composing. and staring into the distance.

Mr.Luhan: Hopes to meet mr. Beckham after the show.. In his free time he enjoys football and other ball related activities.

Mr. Kim M.: A man’s man. Best known for his fearlessness and lifelike impersonations of a steamed bun.

Mr. Kim J.: His heavenly voice makes the ladies swoon. Is rumoured to be dating a chaebol from Korea.

Mr. Huang: Loves to stroll along the beach alone. Hobbies include camping in front of Gucci headquarters and wushu.

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How to not stan kris wu…

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