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sehuna, watcha practicing now?

galaxy_fanfan in his galaxy world

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I’m making this because I got some questions about that you guys can’t watch the video’s that I upload to Baidu. These are the links in the videolist that are bold and italic. For example the Overdose Era performances videolist.

That’s because they can’t be watch if you don’t have a Baidu account!!!! I put them there for you guys to download!!! I use Chrome and have translate on, so my page get’s auto translate to my language. Those who doesn’t see the page in Chinese. To help you on the way I will show you how to download those video’s.

Above the video you see 2 buttons. A blue one and a grey one.

Click on the grey one. It’s the download link. Some video’s you can save directly, some not. By some a field will pop up looking like this.

It shows again a blue button and a grey button. Repeat it like the first step, click on the grey button. And voila it get’s save to your pc. Hope this helps for you all, because in my videolist I have a lot of links to Baidu in it :)




I just found someone awesome on facebook so i am gonna share it on here.

"Hi guys,

You’re excited for tomorrow right? Ours boys won so many awards, so let’s give them a good start with their new song.

Let’s beat the world’s Youtube record - the most views for 24…

I think we can accomplish this. Let’s let the world know that EXO is here lol<3 

I keep typing Overload instead of Overdose ugh

None of these video’s belong to me. All the credit goes to the rightful owners.Please don’t re-upload the download links or the videolist. Please consider that I dedicated a lot of time to upload them and put the links here, and that I made this list for you all. Names that are Italic & Bold are the ones with download links. See the complete list here.

Overdose Era Performances


Exo (English Subs)

Exo K

Exo K (English Subs)

Exo M

Exo M (English Subs)

Exo Special Stages


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Exo Comeback Showcase

Download the full showcase here.

I will add it later to the new videolist Overdose Era. Will also post the performance’s from today there.

좋아좋아 (Remake) I found my new favo song :D

seemehearmeloveme answered your post: I really hope that those who recorded …

I know right! All I saw was the like last 1minute and 30seconds of overdose and goodbyes… Please, if you recorded this, help us!

I’m uploading it right now. It takes a few minutes to upload. It’s not the best of quality, still waiting for the full hd, but for now this is good enough :)